Turtles of Massachusetts

Choose a species to see complete information about a particular Massachusetts Turtle:

Blanding's Turtle
Emydoidea blandingii

Bog Turtle
Clemmys muhlenbergii

Box Turtle
Terrepene carolina carolina

Northern Diamondback Terrapin
Malaclemys terrapin terrapin

Musk Turtle
Sternotherus odoratus

Red-Eared Slider
Pseudemys elegans

Snapping Turtle
Chelydra serpentina

Spotted Turtle
Clemmys guttata

Wood Turtle
Glyptemys (Clemmys) insculpta

Project Updates
Michael Jones (UMASS Amherst) continues his work with Wood Turtles. Learn more.

Liz Willey (UMASS Amherst) continues her research on Eastern Box Turtles. Learn more.

Lori Johnson (Antioch) starts her research on Musk Turtles. Learn more.
Turtle of the Month
Eastern Box Turtle
This turtle gets its name from being able to close its shell completely for protection. Learn more about box turtles.
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